BobJohnson.Design was founded in 2003 as Empirical Data Solutions. Our business was developing business software and websites. A few years later we retired the software development. Focusing our efforts on website development.

Over the past years we gained experience developing several market-place-websites, and numerous small business websites. We have created several powerful one-page websites proving great success for the business the website served. We also have a niche market developing American Legion Posts and Districts websites. For these Legion sites we have two different themes to choose from. And have grown to the second largest provider of these American Legion Posts and District website by providing competitive pricing.

BobJohnson.Design is a DBA of Bob Johnson Computer Guy located in Winter Haven Florida. Our developed websites extend from Great Britain, https://ukpost1.org to Antigua, https://americanlegionantigua.org/ and all across the lower 48 states.

Theme: Elation by Kaira.
Cape Town, South Africa